With more than two decades of F&B experience between them, Meg and Jeremy set off in 2013 to create an honest consulting firm that sought to bring out the diamonds from the rough. They started by working on large, high profile and personal interest projects; crafting new venues as well as updating and modernizing long time vestiges of the hospitality industry. In 2016 they started showcasing their personal abilities through large scale "pop up" events. 



A nomiya is a small space to drink in, and in Tokyo's Shinjuku Golden Gai, that is all there is. Small, extremely personalized, and filled with devoted barkeeps, this six block alley houses hundreds of bars no larger than a small room, but gives way to the underbelly of Central Tokyo's nightlife. Located right under the nose of their largest government buildings, Shinjuku keeps hidden and away from the prying eye of the camera, some of the most entertaining parts of itself. Keeping with the standard they set, we've created a Nomiya party to showcase their favorite form of speakeasy entertainment, Sumo.




Sumo is the oldest recorded Japanese martial art, with around 2,000 years of history.  USA Sumo showcases this tradition worldwide, with Pro Sumo-experienced wrestlers.  USA Sumo has produced the US Sumo Open for 16 years, the largest annual sumo tournament in the world, outside of Japan.  We now bring these top athletes to New York!